Congratulations To Our Fall 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations To Our Fall 2020 Graduates!

Mindset Startup Academy has recently graduated our first class of amazing startups from our MindsetXchange Fall 2020 Class. This group of amazing Founders worked incredibly hard over the last few months to prepare themselves for their upcoming Seed and Pre Seed Rounds.

We are honored to have these teams as part of the Mindset family, and it is our pleasure to begin their introductions this week to over 300 professional early stage investment funds and groups!

Our Graduating Class Includes: Amplifyy, Fluidity Health, Juniper House, Humblemaker Coffee Co., Qapla Gaming and Steamchain Corp.

Can’t want to continue our journey together over the next 2 years as we track their amazing performance, and continue to keep the early stage investment community aware of their continued traction and performance.

Cheers Everyone!

*To register for an upcoming MindsetXchange class, register today:

Kevin Dormer, Minda Wilson, Bob Allred, Chris Smith, Bryan Marseilles, Fer Díaz, Dan Biggs, Scott Brown, Kai Tang

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